Tunneling, Trenching, Quarries, Utilities

Hard Rock

up to 150 mpa

Hard Rock

up to 300 mpa

Boundary cutting, Civil Construction, Road/Rail

Hard Rock up to 300 mpa

In construction works or when trenching or tunnelling in Hard rock such as Granite or even cutting concrete, our superior Diamond Blades with our effective hydraulic motor system is able to achieve rock cutting performance in even restricted or complex cutting environs.

Our Diamond Rock Saw Range is designed for the hardest rock cutting applications. Available in a variety of blade diameters, and built to fit a range of excavator sizes from 3 ton to 30 ton, our Diamond blades will cut through rock types of up to 250MPA. 

If your scope requires a specific cutting depth or trench width, at RockSaw we are pleased to tailor a design specific to your required application.

Our design offers a high torque hydraulic motor, giving through shaft direct friction drive to the attached blade, so you achieve superior results – you will need to see to believe.

Diamond Blade
RS1300 Single Blade
RS1300 Dual Blade

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Dual Blade
Tungsten Carbide
Diamond Blade

Tunneling, Trenching, Quarries
Hard Rock < 150mpa
Hard Rock < 300mpa
Boundary Cutting, Civil Construction, Road & Rail




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