Tunneling, Trenching, Quarries, Utilities

Hard Rock

up to 150 mpa

Hard Rock

up to 300 mpa

Boundary cutting, Civil Construction, Road/Rail

Hard Rock up to 150 mpa

When excavating or extracting hard rock up to 150 mpa (such as Sandstone, Limestone and others), our Tungsten Carbide Blade with patented pick holder system, provides superior, reliable performance.

High Torque Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor Design

Our Rock Saws run an ultra-high torque, low RPM radial piston motor with direct drive provided through the main motor shaft. This system ensures maximum torque is available at very low RPM, and there are minimal frictional losses due to the lack of any gear, chain or belt drive systems. This design ensures the maximum output of the hydraulic motor is available where it counts, at the cutting tip of the blade. Together with our patented Carbide Tip Holder system, this ensures you can achieve maximum output and superior performance in excavation and extraction of hard stone blocks.

Tungsten Carbide
RS8800 Single Blade
RS13000 Single Blade
RS13000 Dual Blade
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Dual Blade
Tungsten Carbide
Diamond Blade

Tunneling, Trenching, Quarries
Hard Rock < 150mpa
Hard Rock < 300mpa
Boundary Cutting, Civil Construction, Road & Rail




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